Price Tracking | Big Data

By using our Report Centre all data is provided in a timely (live) and actionable format. In other words, on the day of the data being inputted and cleared on the system, you will be able to access this and start to drill into it.

This software is designed to provide a comprehensive set of reporting options with users requiring a browser and internet access to the run the system.

The online Report Centre is an easy to use and intuitive interface and has many benefits:

  • Elimination of the delay that users experience between survey completion and availability of result. Increased visibility and effectiveness, by providing users with information updated live, and diagnostic tools that enable them to better manage and achieve both short and long-term objectives.
  • Development and maintenance of a database supporting all pricing variables (Min/ Mean/ Max price captured/ Cheapest Option available & More, with both current and historical, data for each market in a centralised platform for all stakeholders to easily and quickly locate and retrieve aggregate and individual record information
  • Development and maintenance of a system that enables end users to easily execute a virtually unlimited set of queries from their browser, whenever it is needed, without assistance

All organisational elements, including dashboards, can be personalised, based on user interest profile and/or access restrictions (e.g. Country, Website, Vehicle Type, Speed Rating, etc.). Additional information will include key metric trends, performance against goals, top areas for improvement.

Over the life of our relationship with you, all waves or research will be able to be viewed in one place, and changes over time easily tracked.

Each user can create their own unique dashboard with the flexibility to also create one organisational KPI screen.

This tool gives our Clients the ability to manipulate our entire dataset across both the B2B and B2C channels.

An easy to use interface and quick building analysis, the Cube allows easy cross tabulation and charting of results. This development, provides an almost endless choice in terms of how you may wish to analyse, cut, cross tabulate and ultimately visualise big volumes of data.

Features include:

  • Summary Data – showing minimum/ average and maximum price collated
  • Variance Overtime – easy to manipulate data tables with movements flagged highlighted
  • Cross Tabulation – picking numerous data elements and plotting vertically/ horizontally
  • Multi-Country Analysis – ability to view data across your 9 countries, quickly and easily